My Lodge Account

Your account with Catawba Lodge consists of access to several areas such as the web site, documents, e-mail, chat and other services. These services have been put into place to help you communicate with the Lodge as well as organize your Scouting information.

If your Lodge dues are not up to date, then you will not be able to access your lodge account.

Located on this page is information that will help you get started and as a resource when you have questions. The following areas are covered here:

  • FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) based upon input from our members

  • E-mail Account Setup and Request

  • How To Information

  • Feedback and Assistance

The FAQ's

  • How do I access my email if I don't know my password?

      • You should email the Lodge webmaster so we can reset your password so you can have access. You will be able to change it to anything you want once you have accessed your email for the first time.

  • Why do I have a Lodge e-mail account?

      • The Lodge has been looking at how we could increase communications to members without increasing costs for mailings which have continued to increase but have also become more necessary. As with most things today a technological solution was determined to be the most cost effective one. This e-mail account and the web site will be the primary means of communication between the lodge and you. In addition, we are stepping up our efforts to distribute information through Roundtable meetings and Chapter contacts with OA Troop Representatives.

  • What if I do not want to check another e-mail account?

      • That is easy. You can forward the mail received in the Lodge account to any mailbox you wish. To see instructions for doing this see the "Forwarding My Mail" page for detailed instructions.

  • Will I get SPAMMED by this e-mail account?

      • Generally, no. Google does a very good job of capturing SPAM and PHISHing messages and filters them for you.

  • How much space do I receive with my Lodge e-mail account?

      • You will have a whopping 7GB of mail storage. That is just about 4,861 old style 3 1/2 inch floppy disks.

  • What will my account name be?

      • We will employ a standard naming convention of using unless there is a conflict. If a conflict exists the web administrators will add a numerical value to the LastName portion of the address.

  • What if I want to change the name of the account?

      • The web administrators are open to working with you and will respond much faster with promises of large sums of money. Of course those will be donated to the Lodge Building Fund. Sorry guys!

  • If I have an Earthlink email account, why haven't I received any emails from the Lodge yet?

      • Earthlink has a special spam guard against most emails and allows the user to block unwanted email coming to their personal email account. The Lodge understands this and needs you to allow to access the account. If you have any questions regarding this, email the Lodge Webmaster.

  • Will there be more FAQ's posted?

      • soon as we can think of more things to talk about or if you add some comments at the bottom of the page to give us ideas.

E-mail Account Setup and Request

    • The E-mail Account Setup (coming soon) document provides a step-by-step guide for you to use when the e-mail invitation is received.

    • If the Lodge does not have a current and valid e-mail address you can request an account invitation by using the request form:

    • Lodge Account Request Form

"How To" Information

  • Forwarding your Lodge Email Account to another email address

      • The Lodge now has a full page on how to properly forward your lodge email account to any personal email address of your choice. Click here to get the instructions.

Feedback and Assistance