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In addition to the Lodge and Chapter, there are opportunities for youth in the Order of the Arrow to lead at higher levels. Each of these levels is youth lead, just like the Lodge, but covers more area and responsibilities. Our Section, Southern Region 5, includes 11 lodges from across all of South Carolina, parts of North Carolina, and part of Georgia. Each year, the Section Officers put on the Dixie Fellowship, a gathering of Arrowmen from across the Section.

The Section Chief also has national responsibilities in planning out the National Order of the Arrow Conference or OA areas of the National Scout Jamboree as well as working with national programs such as OA High Adventure. The National Officers, including the National Chief and National Vice-Chief along with the four Region Chiefs, must lead these events and programs as well as put on National Leadership Seminars throughout the country.These officers also travel extensively to Conclaves, banquets, and conferences throughout their terms. The National Chief even gets to represent the OA to the President of the United States.

Recently, our lodge has been fortunate enough to have several youth serve at these levels. The lessons they learn and the new knowledge they gain while traveling and putting on larger events can prove an invaluable resource to the Lodge.

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