Documents & Forms

All the forms on this page are also interactive.  Make sure to click on the download button below to get the fillable form and email it to the proper parties.

Lodge Event Form Signups

All Fellowships Prepayment Form

Individual Event Form

Event Late Signup Form

This form is to signup for all Lodge Fellowships for the year.

This form is to be used to signup for each individual Lodge Fellowship

This form is for signing up late for any Lodge Event.  This form must be signed by the Lodge Adviser before it will be accepted.

The Lodge has many membership forms for a variety of memberships in the lodge. Click the link above to go to the Lodge Membership page that will explain in more detail about what your dues go for.

The Silver Nest Member forms are available to provide you with a method to pre-pay dues as long as you are a properly registered member of BSA. For more information please refer to the form.

(Please note: This form should NOT be submitted to the Scout Office. Your membership will be delayed. Either submit to the address on the form or submit to the Lodge Quartermaster at any lodge event.)

Click here to download the form.

If you have been inactive for a period of time or need to submit any changes to your personal information,please fill out this form when submitting your dues. This will ensure that we have all of your information up-to-date in our database.  If you are paying for your dues and no one else's then use the Individual Dues Form.

Each year, upon holding a Troop or Team election for youth candidates that results in at least one youth candidate being elected, the unit committee may nominate registered unit adults (age 21 or over) to the Lodge Adult Selection Committee.  Click here to download the form and email to Al Nedrich - Catawba Lodge, Adult Membership Chair

Lodge Award Nomination Forms

The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that any arrowman can receive. This form must be filled out and turned in no later than Spring Fellowship for consideration.  The Vigil Selection Committee will consider all nominations and the Vigil candidates will be recognized at Fall Fellowship.

This award is given to those arrowmen for long term service to the Lodge. Nominations are due no later than September 30th for consideration and presented at the Annual Banquet.

This award is given to those arrowmen that have given outstanding service to the lodge in the past year. Nominations are due no later that the September 30th for consideration and presented at the Annual Banquet.

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