Lodge Information

Welcome to the Catawba Lodge Information link of this web site. Below, we have provided some general information about the Order of the Arrow and more specifically, some useful information about Catawba Lodge.

Purpose of the Order of the Arrow:

    • To recognize those campers - Scouts and Scouters - who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives and by such recognition cause other campers to conduct themselves in such manner as to warrant recognition.

    • To develop and maintain camping traditions and spirit.

    • To promote Scout camping, which reaches its greatest effectiveness as a part of the unit's camping program both year-round and in the summer camp, as directed by the camping committee of the council.

    • To crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service to others.

Vision Statement - 2020-2021

We, the Executive Board of Catawba Lodge for 2020-2021, do hereby promise to promote a sense of Brotherhood for members of the Lodge both new and returning. We will lead the Lodge in hosting fun and exciting activities in all aspect of the Order of the Arrow. From Chpaters ot the National level, we will advocate for the Catawba Lodge in a positive manner by upholding the ideals of the Obligation of the Order of the Arrow. The Lodge will continue to maintain a healthy relationship with the community and Council throught cheerful service at Scouting events and beyond. As Scouting's National Honor Society, we will personalize the expereinces for each Arrowman in the Lodge and shall seek to promote a spirit of excellence, service, fellowship, growht and devotion to the high ideals of Scouting.

Lodge Goals - 2020-2021

  • To bring back the Lodge quarterly mailing system.

  • To develop and execute safer activities at Ordeal for staff and campers.

  • To encourage further involvement of new members following their Ordeals for a greater than 50% Brotherhood conversion rate.

  • To maintain a strong representation of our Lodge at Cornerstone Conclave.

  • To promote Catawba Lodge to non-members by attempting to establish a contact and at least one visitation to every Troop.

  • To charge Lodge Officers to develop and provide a plan book to their successors for their positions.

  • To contine Elangomat and Neimat training throughout the year.

  • To go along with elections, have each election team bring Lodge promotional materials with dates of events and an introduction to the Lodge. While remote, these materials will be emailed. In person, physical copies will be given.

  • To continue the Lodge's successful history with Scouting for Food.

  • To determine site coordinators and other logisitical information for Scouting for Food by February LEB.

  • To start construction of Catawba Point by the beginning of summer and complete initial fundraising for it by the end of 2021.

  • To continue use of universal Remind for non-members and mebers alike for information of upcoming events and to provide the informaiton at Troop elections and District Roundtables.

  • To publish LEB minutes on a routine schedule to the Catawba Lodge website in accordance to the By-Laws (10 days).

  • To create a New Member Orientation checklist by Beaver Weekend.

  • To re-establish a working Indian Village by Fall Fellowship.

  • To re-establish our designation as a "Thriving" Lodge by National standards for Lodge PMP.

  • To continue having a safe environment following Covid-19 protocols.

  • To review Lodge By-Laws and update as needed.

  • To continue to migrate unit elections and messaging to LodgeMaster.

Mission of the Lodge - 2020-2021

The mission of Catawba Lodge is to achieve the purpose of the Order of the Arrow as an integral part of Mecklenburg County Council through positive youth leadership under the guidance of selected capable adults.

Catawba Lodge:

Our Lodge has the national registration number of 459. It was established on June 18, 1951 and is named after the Catawba Indians who have inhabited this area for many centuries. Catawba translated means, "People of the River."

The Lodge is an integral part of the Council:

Catawba Lodge, Order of the Arrow, is a part of the Mecklenburg County Council, Boy Scouts of America. Its purpose is to support the Council program, especially the camping program, in any way possible. The Scout Executive of the Council is the Supreme Chief of the Fire for our Lodge, and as such has the final word on all matters pertaining to the Order of the Arrow Lodge. It is important for each Arrowman to remember that the OA is a part of the Council, and not a separate entity. Other than Lodge Officers, an Arrowman's first responsibility is to his scouting unit.

Council Address & Information:

Mecklenburg County Council

Boy Scouts of America

1410 E. Seventh Street

Charlotte, NC 28204

Phone: 704-333-5471

Fax: 704-377-4955

website: http://www.mccscouting.org

Lodge Totem:

The Totem of Catawba Lodge is the Hornet's Nest. The Hornet's Nest came to represent Mecklenburg County during the Revolutionary War at the battle of King's Mountain when Cornwalis, a Commander of English Troops said, "Those Boys fight like a bunch of Hornets." Thereafter the Hornet's Nest was adopted for Mecklenburg County's Crest which included a Native American spear and a musket. In 1917 it was also adopted by Mecklenburg County Council of the Boy Scouts of America when they were chartered. In the 1960's it first appeared on the Council Shoulder Patch. In 1987, the crest was removed from our Council Shoulder Patch and it became the design as it stands today. When our lodge was chartered we also adopted the Hornet's Nest but chose to include a tomahawk and peace pipe in 1952 when our first Lodge Ordeal flap worn on the right picket was introduced. It is the central figure on our Lodge Ordeal flap. Our first issue Lodge Ordeal flap has never changed and has remained the same basic design since 1952. The full Totem, with peace pipe and tomahawk should appear on all Lodge flaps and patches; however, if it's not possible to include the peace pipe and tomahawk, it is mandatory that the Hornet's Nest be included.

Lodge Flap:

The flap patch is to be worn only by Lodge members who are fully paid up on their annual dues or by Life Members. There are distinctive patches for Ordeal, Brotherhood, Vigil and Life members. The Lodge, upon his advancement in the Lodge, presents a patch to an Arrowman. Additional patches may be purchased from the Lodge Quartermaster or the Council Service Center. Vigil and Life patches may not be purchased at the CSC.

Our Newsletter "The Legend":

The Legend is the newsletter of Catawba Lodge. It is printed quarterly and contains valuable information of interest to all Arrowmen. It is a good place to express your opinion about the Lodge or to find out about upcoming events. The names and phone numbers of Lodge officers will also be listed in each issue. You may submit articles for publication to the Lodge Vice-Chief of Administration.

Lodge Finances:

The Finance Chairman, through a special account in the Scout Service Center, handles all Lodge finances. Each Lodge function is financially self-sustaining.

Annual Dues:

The annual dues of Catawba Lodge are $20.00. They are payable any time from the Fall Fellowship through the end of the year and applicable for one year (January 1 - December 31). The dues cover expenses of registrations and mailings to Lodge members and entitle members to wear the lodge flap patch and attend Lodge functions. Every Arrowman should be sure to keep his dues current. They are payable at the Council Service Center or at any Lodge function to the Lodge Vice-Chief of Administration. (You can also pay them online through PayPal)

Policy On Deadlines For Events:

Once a deadline to register for an event has passed, Arrowmen may still register; however, a late fee of $3.00 will be charged and they must have Lodge Adviser approval. Example: The deadline for the Catawba Lodge Spring Fellowship is the Wednesday one week before the event. (Deadlines for each event will be the Wednesday evening one week before the event or as noted in the newsletter.)

Transferring Funds from One Event To Another:

Fees for an event cannot be transferred or refunded after the deadline for that event has passed.

Uniforms for Lodge Functions:

The uniform for all Lodge functions will be Class A. Normally, Arrowmen are allowed to wear Class B uniforms during athletic activities or when involved in a work party. Ordeal and Brotherhood candidates must be in full Class A uniform for their ceremony.

The Arrow Sash:

The OA Handbook describes the correct method of wearing the OA Sash. It states that the sash is to be worn only at official OA functions and with the Official uniform, Elangomats in the Ordeal excepted, and any other occasion approved by the Scout Executive. At all other non-official OA functions, the flap, pocket ribbon and pin are the official symbols of membership in the OA.

Driving on BSA Property:

While at either of our Council Camps, BSA safety rules will be observed. The speed limit at Belk Scout Camp is 10 mph and 15 mph at Mecklenburg Scout Reservation (10 mph within Camp Grimes). In accordance with BSA policy, drivers less than 18 years of age who drive to Lodge activities should park their vehicles in the designated parking areas for the duration of the activities. Those who are 18 – 21 may not convey youth passengers.

Awards of the Lodge:

Awards presented by the Lodge are as follows: Vigil Honor (presented at Fall Fellowship), O. A. Crenshaw Arrowman of the Year Award and the Founders Award (presented at the Annual Banquet).

The OA Summer Camp Camping Ribbon is presented to individual units for Summer Camp attendance. To qualify for this award a Troop must have more than 60% of registered Scouts attend Summer Camp.

Lodge Camping Promotion:

Camping Promotion is a very high priority of Catawba Lodge and as such will:

    • Cold Weather Camping – In early January, the Lodge will conduct a cold weather camping training day for all Council Troops. During the last part of January, the Lodge will make arrangements at a group camping area, which should provide a weekend opportunity for the Troops to try out the knowledge they learned at the Training session.

    • Summer Camp Kickoff Dinner - As part of our Camping Promotions Program, the Lodge will provide dinner for all attendees of the Boy Scout Summer Camp Kick-off meeting.

    • Summer Camp Promotion - The OA Troop Representative will have the responsibility to show the Summer Camp Promotion Video and promote camping.

    • "Where to Go Camping' Guide - The Lodge, with the help of all Chapters, will publish and continue to update each year, a book listing places to go camping or hiking. Included in the information will be directions to locations, what is available to do at these locations, who to contact, and any costs and facilities available. Some camping tips and information is also covered in the Guide.

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