Lodge Goals

2019-2020 Goals/Strategic Plan

Vision Statement:

We, the Executive Board of Catawba Lodge for 2019-2020, do hereby promise to promote a sense of Brotherhood for members of the Lodge both new and returning. We will lead the Lodge in hosting fun and exciting activities in all aspects of the Order of the Arrow. From the Chapter to the National level, we will advocate for Catawba Lodge in a positive manner by upholding the ideals of the Obligation of the order of the Arrow. The Lodge will continue to maintain a healthy relationship with the community and Council through cheerful service at Scouting events and beyond. As Scouting's National Honor Society, we will personalize the experiences for each Arrowman in the Lodge and shall seek to promote a spirit of excellence, service, fellowship, growth and devotion to the high ideals of Scouting.

Lodge Goals - 2019-20

    • To bring back Lodge quarterly mailing system.

    • To develop and execute more engaging activities at Ordeal weekends, such as Catawba Karaoke.

    • To encourage further involvement of new members, following their Ordeals for a successful percentage conversion rate.

    • To maintain a strong representation of our Lodge at Dixie Fellowship.

    • To promote Catawba Lodge to non-members by establishing a semi-annual routine of specifically meeting with Troops.

    • To charge Lodge Officers to develop and provide a plan book to their successors for their position.

    • To continue Elangomat training, as well as to incorporate Neimat training at Spring Fellowship.

    • To go along with elections, have each election team bring Lodge promotional materials with dates of events and an introduction to the Lodge.

    • To continue the Lodge's successful history with Scouting for Food.

    • To determine Site Coordinators and other logistical information for Scouting for Food by January LEB.

    • To coordinate a committee for the placement of the 2015 Dixie Totem Poles within Mecklenburg County Council, and to have a decision on the matter by February LEB.

    • To establish a universal Remind for non-members and members alike for information of upcoming events and to provide the information at Troop elections and District Roundtables.

    • To publish LEB minutes on a routine schedule to the Catawba Lodge website in accordance to the By-Laws (10 days).

    • To have a revised New Member Orientation by Beaver Weekend.

    • To design the Catawba Lodge Teepee for presentation at Fall Fellowship.

    • Obtain Gold Level Journey to Excellence.

Mission of the Lodge - 2019-2020

The mission of the Lodge is to achieve the purpose of the Order of the Arrow as an integral part of the Boy Scouts of America in the Council through positive youth leadership under the guidance of selected capable adults.