Catawba Lodge Leadership
Executive Committee Information

The Executive Board is the governing body of the Lodge. Click the link to the left for a description of the Lodge and Chapter officers.
Executive Committee
The Executive Committee are the lodge officers (Lodge Chief, Vice Chiefs and Chapter Chiefs). If you need to contact a member of this committee, click the link to the left and they will respond to your email.

Executive Board
The Lodge has many committees that help to run the Lodge and take burden off of the Lodge officers. Click the link to the left to see who is running the committees and see if there is one you would like to help out with. These are also voting members of the Board.

Special Committees
Special Committees are created to take care of short term events like NOAC or Vigil. These committees are established by the Lodge Chief as needed. Click the link to the left to see what they are and who is running them.

LEB Minutes & Agendas
The Executive Board holds a meeting on the 1st Wednesday of each month, except December, at the Council Service Center downtown. Click the link to the left to see information from past meetings.

Lodge Officer Reports Each month at the Lodge Executive Board meeting, all of the Lodge Officers and Chapter Chiefs give a report on what their committees are doing as well as things going on within the Lodge.  As of 2012, this is a goal for 2013 to post online what each officer has going on or coming up.  This is a great way for you, the Arrowman, to see what is happening within your Lodge.