Posted:  UPDATED - 10.13.20

Good afternoon Catawba Lodge 459!

I hope everyone is well. While this year has been a great challenge for all, I appreciate everyone's flexibility throughout the year with our calendar. The following changes have been approved by the Lodge Executive Board and will be going into effect immediately:  

-September Ordeal set for 9/11-9/12 has been canceled and moved to a November Ordeal for 11/13-11/14. This is due to ongoing logging projects at Belk Scout Camp set to wrap up mid-October.  If you are currently registered to attend September Ordeal your registration automatically carries over for November Ordeal. If you would like to cancel your registration or be added to the waitlist, please contact Eric Sasser at This event will be an Ordeal only style event, and the next brotherhood opportunity will occur at Annual Banquet. As a reminder, any ordeal candidates elected this year will have the rest of 2020 as well as all of 2021 to complete their ordeal before needing to be re-elected. 

A January Ordeal at Belk Scout Camp has been scheduled for 1/8-1/9. This event will a first come first served event that will NOT offer Brotherhood inductions. As a reminder, any ordeal candidates elected this year will have the rest of 2020 as well as all of 2021 to complete their ordeal before needing to be re-elected.

-Fall Fellowship, slated for 10/2-10/4, has also been canceled because of logging at Belk Scout Camp. Some events that take place during Fall Fellowship will instead be moved to Annual Banquet. 

-Annual Banquet has been extended from Friday 12/4 to an optional Saturday 12/5 at Belk Scout Camp. Those staying for Saturday 12/5 will have the choice to skip the Friday night of camping and return to Belk Scout Camp in the morning. Vigil callouts are planned for Friday evening and the breakfast will be the following morning.  Brotherhood inductions will also be run from Friday to Saturday evening. If you would like to complete your brotherhood during Annual Banquet please highlight so when you register. Additionally, Lodge elections are set to be held over this weekend. More information about elections will be announced soon, but if you would like to run for a Chapter or Lodge position for the 2021 camping year please contact the advisor associated with the position (found at

If you have any questions please email them to me at

Have a great rest of your week!

Yours In Brotherhood,

Beau Seate

Catawba Lodge Chief

Posted:  August 22, 2020

Catawba Lodge Arrowmen,

Today we're rolling out two options regarding refunds for those who paid for "all events" for the Catawba Lodge 2020 camping year.  The "all events" purchase included $60 for events and $15 for patches; bringing the total to $75. Here is a breakdown of those options:

1. If you have paid for "all events", we kindly ask that you consider this as a donation to the Lodge.  All the patches that are associated with the package are yours to keep. Please pick them up at the scout office front desk or at Fall Fellowship.  Any future events held in the 2020 camping year would be covered by your donation.  

2. If you would like to receive a refund for the events for the year, you can email with your mailing address. Please include that you are seeking an event refund in your note. Processing your request should take around 2 weeks depending on when it is received.  While we are able to provide event refunds, we are unable to provide patch refunds at this time. This means you are free to pick them up (scout office front desk or Fall Fellowship) whenever possible.  If you would like to participate in any event during the 2020 camping year after your refund is issued, you will need to register and pay online per event at  

Lastly, if you have not paid your Lodge dues this year, I have provided a link below that will take you to the Catawba Lodge website. Please click on the ordeal sash to get started on your 2020 Catawba Lodge dues.  

Thank you all for your flexibility as we've worked through this year. I'm excited to share more in the future about how Catawba Lodge will be moving forward.

Yours In Brotherhood,
Beau Seate
Catawba Lodge Chief

COAC - Carolina OA Conference - CANCELED
Posted:  August 6, 2020



After much deliberation, SR-5 Section Officers have made the decision to cancel our 2020 section conclave – Carolina OA Conference – scheduled for August 28-30, 2020. The next section conclave is scheduled for April 23-25, 2021 at Camp Daniel Boone.


In accordance with National OA rules,  a virtual-type election of new section officers will be appropriately scheduled within 30 days. More details  will be provided in the near future, but the intent is to schedule it for some time during that weekend of August 28-30 when our conclave was formerly scheduled. All candidates for any section office must submit a letter of approval from the Scout Executive to the Section Adviser, Mac McLean, by Wednesday, August 26, at 5 pm ET.


Other related issues, including conclave expenses already incurred, refunds available to lodges, and memorabilia purchases and distribution are being worked through and will be communicated in the near future.


As for Catawba Lodge in particular, refunds are being processed as follows:

  1. COAC Fees were $60 total. $35 for SR-5 as the Delegate Fee – which included Meals, COAC Patch, Participation Pin, and Ditty Bag. $25 stayed with Catawba Lodge to cover our memorabilia – Lodge Flap, Lodge Patch, Epaulettes, T-Shirt, and an Early Registration Arrow (for registrations prior to Jan 15).
  2. It is still unclear to the Lodge what SR-5 will be able to refund to the 10 lodges because they have already had to make some early expenditures and purchased all memorabilia. As of now, it is our understanding that Catawba will receive a portion of the $35 along with what was included in our delegate fees – the Dixie Patch, Participation Pin and Ditty Bags, but we have no details yet on the breakdown or timeline.
  3. For the Catawba Lodge fees ($25), each delegate will be sent a Lodge Flap, Lodge Patch, a set of epaulettes, a COAC jacket patch (in lieu of a t-shirt), and for those who registered early, the early registration arrow. The $25 covers the cost of memorabilia mailing it to delegates. We will not mail the Catawba Lodge memorabilia until we receive the COAC memorabilia from SR-5. We do not know how long this process will take, so please be patient.
  4. All delegates will receive all of their pre-ordered memorabilia that is over and above the $60 event feeg


Any further information will be shared as presented by the Section through Catawba Lodge.


Yours In Brotherhood,


Bradley Thompson

Catawba Lodge COAC Chairmen


Eric Sasser

Crew 1465, Crew Committee

Catawba Lodge, Membership Adviser

Catawba Lodge, COAC Adviser

Cell: 704.254.6897

2020 Vigil Honor Class!!!
Posted:  April 23, 2020

Please join me in congratulating the 2020 Vigil class for Catawba Lodge:

Candidates:                  Guides:

Aidan Gough        Tracy Lane
Peter Staffieri        Anthony Roux
Vaughn Bolt        Jenn Bolt
Eli Jewell        Greg Jewell
Bob Coughlin        Braeden Coughlin
Joseph Grier        Dusty Sparks
Darel Torrence        Colby Torrence
Kendall McAteer        Larry Unferth

Griffin Cook
Vigil Honor Chair

"Always pass on what you have learned"

Message from the 2020 National Chief
Posted:  March 18, 2020


Our world has experienced a lot of change in recent days, and I want to take a moment to address the current situation. While the change caused by the spread of COVID-19 may seem disconcerting, we cannot lose sight of the bigger picture and our overall mission. The values that Scouting and the Order of the Arrow brings to communities are needed now more than ever before, and as we go through the uncertain days ahead, I implore you to always keep those principles at the forefront of your mind.

To any Arrowman who has a family member or friend affected by the virus, my thoughts are with you.

Earlier this week, we announced the suspension of all in-person national, region, and section events until May 2. We encourage you to work with your local council regarding lodge and chapter events. You can find our updates related to COVID-19 at With the spread of the virus postponing many Scouting and OA events in the coming weeks, I know that many of you feel disheartened. I’m disappointed too, but I am not discouraged.

To every Arrowman who planned to attend a Scouting event that has been affected by the virus—I am sorry. I cannot wait to see the exciting programs that still lie ahead, even if they may be delayed.

To every unit elections chair, ordealmaster, conclave coordinator, and Arrowman involved in planning an event that has been postponed or cancelled—I am sorry. I appreciate all that you have done to deliver our Order’s program to our members, and your talent is still needed as we move forward.

To every Arrowman who feels discouraged right now—I want you to reflect for a moment on how you feel. If the pause until your next Scouting event is saddening, I challenge you: channel these emotions into something positive. When we return to normal, whenever that may be, Scouting and the Order of the Arrow will need your help. Let’s work together as one united brotherhood to deliver this program to every Arrowman and the future generations of Scouts who will come after us.

While some of our lives and Scouting plans may temporarily change, our core values of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service remain unaltered. These principles that bind us together are far stronger than any change or setback we encounter and will persist through the uncertain days ahead.

Maintain our bonds of brotherhood. Keep planning, engaging and innovative events that will help the future of our Order. Above all, never lose sight of the values we cherish.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” – Benjamin Franklin

If I can ever be of service, please do not hesitate to reach out. Stay healthy, and I’ll see you along the Scouting trail soon.

In brotherhood,

Zach Schonfeld

2020 National Chief

CATAWBA LODGE - 70th Anniversary Award Pin
Posted:  November 6, 2019
This Anniversary Award Pin is available for all youth and adult Arrowmen in the Lodge.  Arrowmen must complete all requirements between December 1, 2019 and October 3, 2020 and then must attend the re-dedication ceremony at the 2020 Fall Fellowship.   Completion of the Award Card qualifies the Arrowman the option to purchase the Award Pin in the Lodge Trading Post during Fall Fellowship 2020.

Arrowmen must complete the following activities:

Please click HERE the award card!!


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