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Vision Statement:
We do hereby promise, as the Lodge Executive Board of the year 2016-2017, to strive to promote spirit, increase participation, and obtain higher levels of enjoyment in lodge functions. We will endeavor to increase communication, participation, and service in our council, districts, and units, while promoting the ideals of the Order of the Arrow. As the Lodge Executive Board, we will maintain our vision throughout the year, and plan for the future. 

Lodge Goals:
  • Increase outreach to local troops through the use of the OA Troop Rep Committee.  To do this, we will have active OA Troop Representatives in the OA Troop Representatives Committee in at least 80% of the Troops.
  • We will implement a new activity at each event to increase lodge participation and excitement.
  • Create promotional items, such as flyers, promoting lodge events and Catawba Lodge as a whole to districts and Council Executives at least one month prior to all lodge functions.
  • Promote at every lodge event arrowman participation and involvement at various Council and District events such as council camps, district camporees, etc.
  • Have Lodge members reach out and visit at least 80% of the troops in the council, at least 2 times, to promote the Lodge and to promote Brotherhood conversion.
  • Promote Lodge involvement in various committees such as Elangomat committee, Cook team, Indian Affairs committees, etc. through the execution of Committee Expo's at lodge events.
  • Have all LEB members create a position succession plan for their successor, turn it on and have it approved by the current Lodge Chief by the September LEB.
  • Have Indian Affairs involvement and activities in lodge functions such as at fellowships throughout the day and at campfires.
  • Obtain Silver Level Journey to Excellence.

Strategic Plan:


Strengthen the Lodge through membership retention, maintaining our current Brotherhood conversion rate and providing quality ceremonial experiences to Arrowmen. The Extended Elangomat Program and Indian Lore Activities shall be used to attract and retain members while also increasing attendance at Lodge events.


Increase the overall involvement of Arrowmen, through the promotion of camping and the Order by emphasizing Troop/Team Representatives, improved multimedia communications, elevating involvement of the chapters, and organizing the Ordeal around the National blueprint.

Service / Development:

Develop Lodge service and encompass a higher emphasis on training, facility improvements, and a wider service presence in the community, Belk Scout Camp, and Mecklenburg Scout Reservation. Utilizing the Scout Reach Mentoring Program, the Lodge will assist troops as requested by the districts.

Camping Promotions:

Actively promote the year-round outdoor program to the traditional units of the council through the strengthened reinforcement of the Where to Go Camping Guide, web-based publications, direct unit contacts, and heightened leadership development of Scouts.