Lodge Event Descriptions
Cold Weather Training
This is the first event of the calendar year and kicks off the Lodge's Camping Promotions efforts. The Lodge holds a training day to promote cold weather camping within units and is open to all. The Chapters sponsor seminars relevant to cold weather camping, including cooking, clothing, and sleeping. Also, many Inductions committees within the Lodge choose to hold training sessions at this event for Elangomats, Unit Election teams, and Brotherhood committee members.
One Day of Service
Catawba Lodge works in conjunction with Loaves & Fishes to help collect and sort canned goods that have been gathered by Scouts and community member alike. Our largest collection site is behind Chick-Fil-A in the Arboretum, and it is there that we collect thousands upon thousands of pounds of canned goods. A great way to earn hours for the Leadership in Service Award and an all around good time.
Spring Fellowship
Our first fellowship of the new term. The weekend is a great mix of fellowship, service, and fun. Work projects are held around camp and the Indian Affairs committees hold classes and demonstrations in the afternoon. The first Brotherhood induction opportunity of the year is offered here and competition for the Chapter Spirit Award begins. The lodge takes this opportunity to coordinate for the Dixie Fellowship in April, working on the spirit theme, practicing for Quest Events, and making sure that the lodge is ready. Nominations for the Vigil Honor are due.
Unit Elections
Each troop is allowed one election per calendar year. Elections are traditionally held within the months of January, February, and March. Chapters will organize a team of youth and adults who will make a presentation to the troop regarding the history of the Order as well as election procedures. The unique thing about our organization is that candidates are elected by members and non-members alike. To schedule a unit election, contact your Chapter Vice-Chief or the Lodge Vice-Chief of Inductions.
Call-out Ceremonies
Call-out ceremonies serve as the public recognition for Scouts who have been elected as candidates to the Order of the Arrow, and are held prior to the candidate's Ordeal. Chapters traditionally hold Call-outs in early- to mid-April; these serve to officially end the election season. Call-out ceremonies are also a high tradition at Camp grimes during the summer season. The closing campfire (held on Friday night) is hosted by the Order of the Arrow and it is fitting that the call-out is the capstone of the event. We of Catawba Lodge strive to make the Call-outs a deeply personal experience for the candidates, but also s spectacle for fellow Scouts and family members who may come out to enjoy the show!
Dixie Fellowship
The annual OA Section Conclave for Section SR-5 is known as the Dixie Fellowship. It is held every April and is attended by Catawba Lodge and the other ten lodges from North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The lodges are on a rotation and each serves a year as the Dixie host lodge.

Numerous competitions are held at the Dixie Fellowship. Included are administrative events such as newsletter and website design, dance and drum competitions (both individual and team), ceremonial competitions (Pre-Ordeal/Brotherhood), and the Quest for the Golden Arrow. Also awarded are Lodge of the Year and Section Spirit Awards. Coordinating Dixie is a main duty of Section officers, so it is fitting that at Dixie elections are held for the next round of Section officers. The 2019 event will be held at Camp Old Indian, SC and is hosted by Atta Atta Kulla Lodge.
Beaver Festival/May Ordeal
Held at Camp Grimes, our purpose is to help the council prepare for their summer programs. Both Arrowmen and Non-Arrowmen will have an opportunity to contribute to our council camp. This is appreciated by the summer camp staff members and is a great way to earn points for the Leadership in Service Award. Beaver Festival is also the first of the three Ordeal held each year to allow candidates to seal their membership in the Order of the Arrow. Brotherhood conversions are also offered.

The Ordeal is a weekend experience in which those elected as candidates to the Order of the Arrow and undertake a spiritual journey to discover the true meanings of leadership, service, and the Brotherhood of Scouting. The candidates go through two ceremonies, engage in service for the camp, and perform other tasks (scant food, spending the night outdoors, etc.)
June Ordeal
Second Ordeal is held at Belk Scout Camp and helps to prepare the camp for the Webelos Resident Camp Program. This event also serves as the second of three opportunities for candidates to become members of the Order of the Arrow. Brotherhood conversions are also offered.
 Summer Camp
Catawba Lodge is an integral part of the summer camp program. Here we hold Brotherhood conversions and Callout ceremonies, as well as the OA Ice-Cream-A-Pallooza. Council encourages Arrowman to come on as staffers, as we are trusted to be good role models for the younger Scouts. It is a wonderful experience and there are plenty of good times to be had. Applications can be found at:www.mycampgrimes.org.
September Ordeal
The third and final Ordeal of the annual term, this event is traditionally centered around the Ordeal itself, but it is a good time to prepare chapter spirit items for the Fall Fellowship Spirit-War. Brotherhood conversions are also offered.
Fall Fellowship
Catawba Lodge hosts its most prominent event of the year, the Fall Fellowship, at Belk Scout Camp. During the weekend, Lodge members conduct service for the camp and participate with their chapter in an all out Spirit Competitions.  There are training sessions and Indian Lore seminars offered, along with one or two unique activities every year.  The annual Patch Auction is held on Saturday night.  This is the last time that Brotherhood induction is offered in the calendar year.  Fall Fellowship is the venue for the lodge and chapter elections, as well as for the reception and recognition of new brothers in the Vigil Honor.
Lodge Leader Development (LLD)
In October, after Lodge elections are held at Fall Fellowship, the Lodge holds a Leadership Development Conference for our Lodge members. While Lodge officers and committee chairmen are required to attend this training, it is open to all brothers. This is the premiere training event for the coming lodge term, and will also be the site of the traditional CiCi's Pizza Sticky Bun eating competition. The weekend is a great way to hone your leadership skills, learn more about the Lodge, and have a great time in the process.
Winter Banquet
Catawba Lodge holds its final event of the calendar year in the first week of December. This is a time for Arrowmen to come with their families and friends, and enjoy fellowship and great food. The Founder's Awards and the OA Crenshaw Arrowman of the year Awards are both presented at the Banquet, as well as other recognitions for outstanding Arrowmen and our former Lodge officers.
Chapter Meetings
Each Chapter should hold a monthly meeting for members to gather and discuss spirit events, fundraisers, and other important articles of chapter business. It is very important for chapter members to attend and be an active part of the chapter.
Executive Board Meetings
Held on the first Wednesday of every month (except December) at 7:00pm at the Scout Service Center. These are meetings of the leaders of the lodge, where business is conducted for the administration of the organization. All Arrowmen are invited and encouraged to come view the proceedings. It is a great way to keep informed of the business and happenings in the Lodge.

National Event Descriptions
National Leadership Seminar (NLS)
Conducted by the Southern Region and made available to our Lodge every year, the NLS is an intense weekend of amazing leadership training. It challenges our understanding of responsibility and authority and teaches us to use each effectively. Slots per lodge to attend this event are extremely limited; therefore, an invitation from the Lodge Key 3 is required to register.
National Order of the Arrow Conference
For a week during the summer every two years, the National Order of the Arrow Conference (affectionately known as NOAC) is held on a major university campus in America. The event is jam-packed with opportunities for training, competition, fellowship, patch trading, and recreation. Thousands of Arrowmen attend, making it the second largest Scouting event in the country. What's more, Catawba Lodge always manages to have one of the most sought after patch sets on the trading floor! The 2020 NOAC will be held at Michigan State University. Signups typically begin in December the year prior to the event.
OA High Adventure
The Order of the Arrow High Adventure programs present truly unique ways to attend the three national Boy Scout High Adventure bases. These programs, available to Arrowmen ages 16 through 21, also present the most affordable way to attend these bases. Even if you have already attended the base, going through an OA High Adventure program will present you with a new experience. You will meet people from across the country, provide valuable work, see unforgettable sites, and most importantly, learn the true meaning of Brotherhood, Cheerfulness, and Service as these ideals are lived on your trek. Also, if you attend all three of the OA High Adventure programs, you can earn the coveted OA High Adventure Triple Crown Award. More information on these programs can be found at http://adventure.oa-bsa.org or by contacting the lodge leadership.
OA Trail Crew at Philmont
The OA Trail Crew program is a fourteen day experience at the Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, New Mexico. The first week focuses on trail construction and maintenance under the guidance of Philmont trail crew foreman. Participants build new trails that all who attend Philmont will then enjoy. The second week is a seven day backpacking trek that is designed by the participants. On it you will discover the best that Philmont has to offer. The program is not simply building trail and hiking though... the OA Trail Crew is ultimately a journey that challenges Scouts mentally, physically, and spiritually. For more information about this program, see the Lodge Chief or Adviser.
OA Wilderness Voyage at Northern Tier
This program takes place over two weeks at the Charles L. Summers High Adventure Base (Northern Tier) in northern Minnesota. It is of a similar structure to OA Trail Crew at Philmont: the first week, the participants help with portage trail and campsite maintenance. During it, you will be working on US Forest Service land. The second week, the participants go on a canoeing trek throughout the Boundary Waters, which they themselves plan. This trip will strengthen the participants as well as bonds between them as they paddle and portage through pristine wilderness. The Wilderness Voyage is of a different style then Trail Crew, but provides just as amazing of an experience. For info, see the Lodge Chief or Adviser.
OA Ocean Adventure
This is a 13-day experience at the BSA Florida Sea Base. Arrowmen will spend their time earning their PADI SCUBA diving certification, then use this certification to help perform service through helping the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration protect marine life and coral reefs. This is far from your typical Florida vacation. Anyone hoping to attend this program should apply as early as possible, because the interest in this new program has led to sign-ups to fill quickly. For more info, see the Lodge Chief or Adviser.