Vigil Honor Members 2010 - 2015
1950s 1960s
2010 - 2015

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Vigil Name (English)
Vigil Name (English)
2015 Chester Ayd Guide Who Speaks Other Language 2013 Anthony Roux Owl Who Leaves No Droppings
2015 Matthew Browning Great Bear That Serves 2013 Robert Roux Cheerful Turtle
2015 Ken Daniels Buffalo Who Laughs 2013 David Ruggles Northern International Buffalo
2015 Joel Farrand Cheerful Flute Player 2013 Darren Seigler Bear That Rings Bells
2015 Aidan Fox Silent Worker with Big Heart 2013 Ryan Sommer He Who Plays with Stick
2015 Eileen Fox She Advises with Heart & Wisdom 2013 Caleb Whitlock Humble Servant of the Lord
2015 Hayden Fox Young Man Who Gives Back 2013 Scott Whitlock Bear Who Lends a Hand
2015 Craig Gross Cook Who Shoots 2012 Joe Craddock Bear That Works with Claws
2015 Mitchell Hutula He Who Sings & Tell Jokes 2012 TJ Everhart One Who Jumps & Guides for Others
2015 Girard Katz Tall Humble Teacher 2012 Jim Goda Owl Who Leads
2015 Chalmers Middleton Laughing Chief 2012 Jim Hagwood He Who Cooks Hog
2015 Mack Patterson Dough Maker that Helps Others 2012 Pat Levesque Servant Who Helps Others
Tyler Smith Loud Speaking Warrior 2012 Danny Ryan Patch Trader
2015 Larry Unferth Bald Headed Collector 2012 Julia Sain Speaks Loud with Helping Hands
2015 Zach Unferth Little One WHo Gives Back 2012 Dallas Sims He Who Leads & Helps Others
2015 Evan Williams Guide of Brothers to the Arrow 2012 Scott Sokley Red Looking Rat
2014 Sam Looney He Who Makes Loud Noise in Service 2012 Josh Stacey Cook Who Leads
2014 Kodi Moses Pigskin Loving Rat 2011 Thomas D'Andrea One Who Sets a Trail to Eagle
2014 Graham Via Red Hearted Rock Spotter 2011 David Diaz Humble Warrior
2014 Alec Whittington Witty One Who Beats on Drum 2011 Brian Emery Friend Who Dances with Feathers
2014 Ricky Williams Guide Who Walks on Rubber Legs 2011 Micheal Hartje Beaver Who Walks in the Forest
2014 Nick Zanzot Determined Leader 2011 Taylor Morgan Following Ancestors
2014 AJ Ayd Gadget Man Who Flies 2011 Roland Newsome Maker of Fine Clothes
2014 Matt Fox Diligent Worker 2011 Craig Orr Fox that Teaches in the Woods
2014 Charles Gershowitz Bear Who Speaks Softly & Guides 2011 Sam Orr To See God Above All
2014 Bruce Moses Ice Cream Man 2011 Dick Parks Fast Talking Cook
2014 Lynn Snuggs Quiet One Who Does Much 2011 Roger Penny To Speak Many Tongues
2014 Michael Turner Leader in the Woods 2011 Matthew Reynolds Brother Who Shares his Dos with Others
2014 Griffin Angus Humble Heat Maker 2011 Chris Sokley Bear Who Goes Fast
2014 Thomas Chapman Friendly One Who Goes Over the Ice 2011 Dallas Whittington Young Musician
2014 Zachary Craddock Soft Boned Bobcat 2010 Thor Draper Thunderous Hammer
2014 Joseph Fox He Who Gives All of Himself 2010 Terry Everhart Law On the Water
2014 Sean Fox Servant Teacher 2010 Alan Gaines Quiet One With a Loud Heart
2013 Peter Heikes Excellent Antelope 2010 John Lee Raspy-Voiced Fast Talking Antelope
2013 Geary Mandrapilias Grandmother Who Gardens 2010 Christian Lima Guardian from the Water
2013 Lon Nigro Bear Who Serves Others 2010 Tanner McFeeters Green Thumb Chief
2013 Antony Nigro One Who Breathes Brotherhood 2010 Ben Yarborough Tooth Holes Healer