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The new website is now being hosted by Google Apps. As a lodge we communicate to our membership very frequently and as a new move as of 2010, the Lodge Web Team has decided to create a more modern, easier to function website.

The Lodge Webmaster is the person responsible for maintaining all aspects of the site. He is a youth member of the Lodge with an adult adviser that helps to oversee the operations of the site and to help the youth when it is needed. The Lodge Webmaster has help from all of the Lodge Officers, Advisers, and Committee Chairs. He also has help from other capable youth in the Lodge that are able to maintain certain portions of the site in their area. He also watches over Chapter websites and other committee websites as well.

All youth under 21 that have interest in helping with the website (even if you have little to no experience in website design) may help out and take the some of the burden off of the Lodge Webmaster. If you are interested in helping out, contact the Lodge Webmaster.

Past and Current Webmasters and Advisers

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