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Catawba Lodge issues a planbook annually. This document contains the history of the lodge, its awards, and records, but the Planbook also includes many up to date elements that help an Arrowman be a functional member of the Lodge, namely contact information of the current lodge officers, the lodge calendar, and a copy of the most recent by-laws upon which the Lodge operates.

Periodic updates will be made to the Planbook during the year and denoted with a date and version.

Current Posted Version: 2019 Lodge Planbook

2019 Planbook

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Past Versions

2018 Planbook

2017 Planbook

2016 Planbook

2015 Planbook

2014 Planbook

2013 Planbook

2011 Planbook

2010 Planbook

2009 Planbook

2008 Planbook

The current Lodge Planbook Chairman is TBD.

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