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Welcome to the new Catawba Lodge Web Site!!!

Posted: January 1, 2010

With the start of a new year and a new decade we thought that a little sprucing up was in order so the Lodge Web Team got to work and threw out the old and brought in the new!!! What has been developed...and continues to a new look for the web site and even more importantly a new set of tools to provide continuous communications by the Lodge and its various Chapters and Committees.

You will be experiencing this change as a current dues paying member, or Life Member, by utilizing the personal Lodge account assigned to you. With this account you will have e-mail, documents, chat, contacts and down the road other tools as they are made available. Hopefully, we will be able to speed up the delivery of time sensitive material such as meeting notices and event sign-up information.

With the improved communications comes a responsibility of Arrowmen to monitor the assigned e-mail account and web site. We are looking for Troop Representatives to keep up with information being delivered and present it to their troops in a timely manner as well as promoting these new capabilities to all Arrowmen.

Speaking of e-mailing folks, your new account has a built-in contact list of all Lodge members. When you want to compose a message to someone just start typing their name in the address line and all of the members that match will be presented so you can choose the right one. In addition, this account can either be used on its own or forwarded to your regular e-mail account. The key here is that the Lodge does not have to keep up with constantly changing e-mail addresses and bounced mail not getting to where it needs to be.

Another area of improvement will be how the Legend is delivered to you. This has been an increasing challenge due to costs and timeliness of the information collected. The Vice Chief of Administration is working on this new process that will deliver copies directly to your Lodge account either through e-mail or as a document in your folder or maybe both!!! The December 2009 Legend is posted online this time while all of the individual accounts are being established.

As you can see a lot of thought and effort has been made to get this new environment into production and more work is yet to be done so you may see things changing daily for a while. Look for information on your new Lodge account shortly and we hope that these changes will benefit you and continue to make Catawba Lodge the best Lodge in the nation!!!

Thor Draper

Lodge Chief

Jeff Worboys

Lodge Adviser

New Lodge E-mail Accounts

Posted: December 27, 2009

Coming very soon all current Lodge members will have a dedicated Catawba Lodge e-mail account which will be used to provide the primary communications to members of the Lodge. This service is part of move to the Google Apps environment and marks a major advancement in our ability to pass along information such as dues and event sign-up reminders as well as committee and volunteer opportunities.

This account is tied to your membership in the Lodge and will be reviewed yearly. Members who do not pay dues will be offered opportunities to catch up prior to having their accounts disabled. The accounts can be reinstated as soon as the membership is brought current.

All new Arrowmen will be provided an account when they complete their Ordeal as part of their New Arrowman Kit.

Please review the My Lodge Account page to see how you can activate your account or request an account.

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