Catawba Lodge uses the chapter system to organize our members. Our chapters runs along the same lines as the Council's districts. The individual chapter information (events and officers) is located in their chapter webpages. These Chapter webpages are maintained by the youth of each chapter. If there are problems within their pages please contact the site webmaster listed on each Chapter Website. If something is inappropriate please let them and us know so that we can rectify the problem in a quick manor.

Chapter Definition

Chapters of Catawba Lodge will be same as with the boundaries of the Mecklenburg County Council's districts. A Chapter is an organization of the OA members within a district. They will serve the Lodge in the following manner:

1. Cooperate with District Camping Committee to promote:

2. Hold unit elections for the troops in their district

3. Promote participation in Lodge functions

Chapter Executive Committee

Chapter Executive Committee is the steering committee of the chapter. It is made up of the elected officers of the chapter, Chapter Chief, Chapter Vice Chief, Chapter Secretary, past Chapter Chief, Chapter Adviser and may include the District Committee Chairman, District Camping Chairman and District Executive. The Chapter Chief is the Chairman of the Executive Committee. He prepares an agenda for the meeting in advance and presides over the meeting. The youth members listed above are the voting members of the Chapter Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets on a regular basis and any interested Arrowman may attend as an observer.

Chapter Chief

Chapter Vice Chief

Chapter Vice-Chief of Administration

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