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Here's an overview of the various sub-committees that it will take to help conduct a successful Dixie program. If you are interested in serving on one of these sub-committee, contact Bradley Thompson, Dixie 2020 Youth Chairman at

Dixie Youth Chairman – Responsible for coming up with a creative Lodge Theme and Dixie Memorabilia. Responsible for the financial side of Dixie, including Registration and the Dixie budget. Is also in charge of the Dixie Website and publicity. Responsible for the coordination of Dixie Workdays. Most importantly is responsible for coordinating the tasks of all subcommittees and working with them to assign jobs to all Dixie attendees.

Quest Event Subcommittee

Positions: Chair, Roster Coordinator, Spring Fellowship Event Coordinator

Participants: As many as possible taken from the ranks of Catawba Lodge to compete in Quest Events

Finds qualified participants for all Quest Events and submits the participant rosters for the events to the Dixie Chair. Works with the Vice Chief of Program and makes plans to have *all* Quest Events that will be happening at Dixie to occur at Spring Fellowship for talent identification and development. Works with the Quest Event participants to find ways to improve chances of winning that are still within the rules. Adds notes/hints to each Quest Event’s individual worksheet about how to better succeed at event after the Fellowship.

Spirit Subcommittee

Positions: Chair, Task Coordinators

Participants: As many as possible taken from the ranks of Catawba Lodge to take part in carrying out individual tasks.

In charge of coming up with and carrying out specific ideas for display of spirit that incorporate the Lodge’s Theme for Dixie. Submits ideas to Dixie Chair for approval and works with Dixie Chair for planning Dixie Workdays for Dixie Spirit preparation.

Thematic Competitions Subcommittee

Positions: Chair, Totem Pole Coordinator, Lodge Display Coordinator

Participants: At least 2 each for Lodge Display and Totem Pole, no more than 5

Completely organizes the Lodge Display and Totem Pole competitions at Dixie, from participant selection to design and planning work behind each event. Thematically, both will include the host lodge’s Dixie Theme and Catawba Lodge’s Spirit Theme. The Lodge Display will be set up at Spring Fellowship and the design for the Totem Pole will be on display as well for constructive criticism from lodge members.

American Indian Subcommittee

Positions: Chair, Dance Coordinator, Ceremonies Coordinator, Team Sing/Parade of Braves Coordinator

Participants: 10+ involved with Lodge Indian Affairs

Finds qualified participants for all American Indian Events and submits the participant rosters for the events to the Dixie Chair. Subcommittee Chair works with Vice Chief of Program to include the Individual Dance, Group Dance, and Team Sing in the program for the opening campfire. Responsible for the coordination of the reports that must accompany some of the American Indian Events.

Judging Subcommittee

Positions: Chair

Participants: 15 adults knowledgeable in the topic that they are judging. Must be 21 or older to be a judge.

Finds qualified judges all of the events needing judges at Dixie. Keeps in contact with them and submits their information to the Dixie Chair by Spring Fellowship.

Training Subcommittee

Positions: Chair/Lead Instructor, 3 Assistant Instructors

Consists of training team members. Prepares the training curriculum for Dixie on the topic selected by the Lodge. Follows the Dixie Guidelines and turns in info on time to the Section, as well as the Dixie Chair. Works with Vice Chief of Program to present the training session at Spring Fellowship in the afternoon to Lodge members for critique.

Administration Subcommittee

Positions: Chair

Participants: Up to 10 for filling out forms

Completely prepares the paperwork for submission at Dixie for Lodge of the Year consideration. The committee is responsible for either tracking down the information to write the reports or getting those in charge of each subtask (i.e. the Troop Representative Chair) to write the report for that section. All paperwork will be completed and submitted to the Dixie Chair by Spring Fellowship.

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