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2021 COAC Contingent Information

The 2020 Carolina OA Conference has been CANCELED.

COAC - Carolina OA Conference - CANCELED

Posted 8.6.20


After much deliberation, SR-5 Section Officers have made the decision to cancel our 2020 section conclave – Carolina OA Conference – scheduled for August 28-30, 2020. The next section conclave is scheduled for April 23-25, 2021 at Camp Daniel Boone.

In accordance with National OA rules, a virtual-type election of new section officers will be appropriately scheduled within 30 days. More details will be provided in the near future, but the intent is to schedule it for some time during that weekend of August 28-30 when our conclave was formerly scheduled. All candidates for any section office must submit a letter of approval from the Scout Executive to the Section Adviser, Mac McLean, by Wednesday, August 26, at 5 pm ET.

Other related issues, including conclave expenses already incurred, refunds available to lodges, and memorabilia purchases and distribution are being worked through and will be communicated in the near future.

As for Catawba Lodge in particular, refunds are being processed as follows:

    1. COAC Fees were $60 total. $35 for SR-5 as the Delegate Fee – which included Meals, COAC Patch, Participation Pin, and Ditty Bag. $25 stayed with Catawba Lodge to cover our memorabilia – Lodge Flap, Lodge Patch, Epaulettes, T-Shirt, and an Early Registration Arrow (for registrations prior to Jan 15).

    2. It is still unclear to the Lodge what SR-5 will be able to refund to the 10 lodges because they have already had to make some early expenditures and purchased all memorabilia. As of now, it is our understanding that Catawba will receive a portion of the $35 along with what was included in our delegate fees – the Dixie Patch, Participation Pin and Ditty Bags, but we have no details yet on the breakdown or timeline.

    3. For the Catawba Lodge fees ($25), each delegate will be sent a Lodge Flap, Lodge Patch, a set of epaulettes, a COAC jacket patch (in lieu of a t-shirt), and for those who registered early, the early registration arrow. The $25 covers the cost of memorabilia mailing it to delegates. We will not mail the Catawba Lodge memorabilia until we receive the COAC memorabilia from SR-5. We do not know how long this process will take, so please be patient.

    4. All delegates will receive all of their pre-ordered memorabilia that is over and above the $60 event feeg

Any further information will be shared as presented by the Section through Catawba Lodge.

Yours In Brotherhood,

Bradley Thompson

Catawba Lodge COAC Chairmen

Eric Sasser

Crew 1465, Crew Committee

Catawba Lodge, Membership Adviser

Catawba Lodge, COAC Adviser

Cell: 704.254.6897


The Lodge contacts for COAC are:

- Bradley Thompson, COAC Chairman

- Eric Sasser, Adviser

We look forward to seeing you next year at COAC '21!