Welcome New Members to
Catawba Lodge 459 and the OA
Congratulations New Members!!

Congratulations on completing you Ordeal at one of the Catawba Lodge's Ordeal Weekend this year. You have just joined Catawba Lodge #459 and are now a part of Scouting's National Honor Society. Your fellow brothers encourage you to stay involved in the lodge and in Scouting. The Lodge Leadership has compiled a list of information that will be of great help to you as you serve in Scouting and your future service to the lodge. If you would like to contact anyone with questions or interest's, please go the leadership page to find contact information of the Lodge Executive Board.

If you have any questions about how you can get involved, feel free to email any of the Lodge Officers. The Lodge encourages you to check out the Jumpstart website. It will explain everything you need to know as a new Arrowman. There is a section for Brotherhood membership which we encourage all new and old Ordeal Members to seal after 10 months of membership in Catawba Lodge #459.

Lodge Videos
This page gives you a glimpse into the life of Catawba Lodge.  There are videos to showcase all aspects of the lodge so you can get involved.
Lodge Events
This page highlights all of our lodge events held annually and lets you know what kind of fun and excitement goes on during the events.
Lodge Committees
These are all of the lodge committees that support the lodge program. Under each officer, there is a listing of all the committees he is responsible for and what they do.
Your Chapter
Each area of the council is divided into chapters. Look here to see which area you are in and then look at t the chapter has going on. This is also a great place to meet other lodge members.
My Lodge Account
This is a new page within the new Lodge website.  This page will answer any questions regarding your lodge email account and what all comes with it.
Brotherhood Membership
Brotherhood is a great way to seal your membership in the Order. This page gives you an idea of what Brotherhood is about and also tells you what you should study when you take your Brotherhood test.
This is a National OA resource provided by the Order of the Arrow.
Mecklenburg County Council
The Council has lots of information regarding getting involved in Scouting around Charlotte.
National OA Website
The National OA website has all kinds of information regarding National programs and what you get to do as an Arrowman.