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Each Spring since 1954, Catawba Lodge has participated in the Annual Dixie Fellowship. This is a fellowship meeting where all lodges of our area come together for fun, fellowship, and a learning experience.

In 1954, the area lodges attending the annual Dixie Fellowships first established the Golden Arrow Award. This annual award is presented to the lodge who scores the most points in the Quest Events during Dixie.  These events tested the strength, skill, and endurance of each lodge delegate who participated. Canoe Racing, Egg Toss, Softball Throwing, and many similar events made up the Quest Challenge.

In order for a lodge to retire a Golden Arrow, the same lodge had to win the Quest Event for 3 consecutive years. From 1954 to 1982, only 4 Golden Arrows were ever made and later retired.  Catawba Lodge is the only lodge to ever retire a Golden Arrow and as you can see, we have retired all four of them.

In 1983, Catawba Lodge was moved to a different OA area thus ending their participation in the Dixie Fellowships. However, in 1998, Catawba Lodge moved back into their previous area and are competing once again for the Golden Arrow.

These retired arrows demonstrate how we have worked together in the past, and give us an example to follow in future Dixie Fellowship quest events. Each Golden Arrow that Catawba Lodge retired is listed below along with the years that the lodge won the Golden Arrow. You can click on the images if you wish to see the information on the plaque. The list of current Golden Arrow winning years will go below these that have been retired.  Written in 1983.

Golden Arrow
1954 - Camp Dick Henning
1959 - Camp Coker
1960 - Camp Old Indian
1961 - Camp Palmetto
Golden Arrow II
1963 - Camp Steere
1965 - Camp Coker
1966 - Shiele Scout Reservation
1967 - Camp John J Barnhardt
Golden Arrow III
1970 - Camp Steere
1971 - Schiele Scout Reservation
1972 - Camp John J. Barnhardt
Golden Arrow IV
1973 - Camp Old Indian
1977 - Camp Ho Nan Wah
1980 - Camp Barstow
1981 - Camp Daniel Boone
1982 - Camp Old Indian