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Catawba Lodge History
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The Founders of Catawba Lodge #459:

(From Left to Right):
Fred Van Treece, John Holland, & Gene Grimes

1990 ...

"Dusty" Sparks, Jr., NOAC lead adviser, ceremonies and events. Jason Pentecost from Catawba Lodge elected as SE-7's Section Chief.  Catawba sends delegation to National OA Conference (NOAC).

1st Catawba Lodge Invitational for ceremony and dance – held during Fall Fellowship. Celebrated 40th Anniversary of the Lodge at Fall Fellowship held at Clear Creek Scout Camp.

Catawba sends delegation to NOAC.  Tali Tak Taki & Uwharrie 208 merged to form Keyauwee 70 in 1992.

We lost lodges due to mergers.  Keyauwee Lodge merged with Tsalagi Lodge to form Tsoiotsi Tsogali Lodge 70.  We were joined by four VA lodges (Nawakwa 3, Blue Heron 349, Kecoughtan 463, & Chanco 483) and adopted new name "Cardinal Conclave" because of the NC & VA state bird.  Tsoiotsi Tsogali Lodge 70 hosts SR-7's first Conclave "A New Dawning' ...Buddy Brewer elected SR-7's Section Vice-Chief of Inductions ...Catawba sends delegation to NOAC. Ceremonial Award Winners: Buddy Brewer: 1st - Allowat Sakima, Darryl Brown: 5th-Meteu, Ben Blackman: 1st –Nutiket, Jonathan Brown: 3rd-Kichkinet, and team: Finalists-Brotherhood.

Nayawin Rar Lodge 296, celebrating its 50th anniversary, SR-7's 2nd gathering. ... Ben Blackman elected SR-7's Section Secretary. Larry Banks becomes the first Arrowman, nationwide, to receive the Founders Award as both a youth (1985) and an adult (1995).

Catawba Lodge bestows Vigil Honor on Nancy Siddens, our 1st female Vigil. Her Indian name is interpreted as " Brother we call Mother". Bob Kearley elected SR-7's Section Secretary. Catawba sends delegation to NOAC. Buddy Brewer earns top Vigil Award, the Ceremonial Medal of Honor. Buddy Brewer, Ben Blackman, Jonathan and Darryl Brown team - Top Brotherhood Award, the Ceremonial medal of Honor. The team of Chirag Lakhani, Jared Horton, Jonathan Alley and Ryan Kehoe earned Ceremonial Award of Merit for Pre-Ordeal. Matt Bogan, Aaron Hoffman entered Fancy Dance and Sean Gantt entered Grass Dance Competitions.

Catawba Lodge 459 hosts last SR-7 Cardinal Conclave "Our Spirits Will Soar As One" at Clear Creek Scout Camp before joining SR-5. Has a record attendance of 1500. ... SR-7 splits and NC Lodges Tsali 134, Itibapishe Iti Hollo 188, Catawba 459, Eswau Huppeday 560 join with GA Bob White 87 & SC Lodges Santee 116, Atta Kulla Kulla 185, Muscogee 221, Unali'yi 236, & Skyuka 270 to form SR-5. Frank Crenshaw retires after 10 years as Lodge Adviser and is replaced by Max Cooper.  
Had arrowmmen serve on OA Service Corps at National Scout Jamboree.

Back to Dixie Fellowship as new SR-5 gathers. Hosted by Eswau Huppeday Lodge 560 at Camp Bud Schiele. Ricky Cardenas elected as Section Secretary. Made excellent showing in Awards received. ... Delegation of 25 + 19 Klahican bused to NOAC @ Iowa State for NOAC. Ben Blackman received Honor Award for Vigil ceremony. The team of Ryan Kehoe, Jared Horton, Jonathan Alley, Chirag Lakhani received Honor Award for Brotherhood Ceremony. Chris Thompson placed 6th in Fancy Dance and Sean Gantt placed 11th in Grass Dance.  Dixie Fellowship Awards -- 3rd Place Newsletter, 3rd Place Lodge Display, 1st Place Brotherhood Ceremony, 1st Place Totem Pole.

Dixie Fellowship Awards -- 1st Place Totem Pole.  Catawba sends delegation to National Leadership Summit in Colorado Springs, CO.