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Catawba Lodge History
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The Founders of Catawba Lodge #459:

(From Left to Right):
Fred Van Treece, John Holland, & Gene Grimes

30th Anniversary celebrated during Fall Fellowship at Camp Steere.  
Won Quest for the Golden Arrow at Dixie Fellowship.

Craig Bass and "Dusty" Sparks, Jr., received OA Distinguished Service Award.  Catawba sends delegation to National OA Conference (NOAC).  Won Quest for the Golden Arrow at Dixie Fellowship.

David Moody elected Section Chief, 3-B.   Catawba won Tug-O-War tie breaker against Tslagi. Leaves Area 3B & Dixie Fellowship and joins SE-7 & Old North State Conclave. Section SE-7 formed from three SE-3B Lodges (Itibapishe Iti Hollo 188, Catawba 459, & Eswau Huppeday 560) and eight SE-3A Lodges (Tali Taktaki 70, Occoneechee 104, Croatan 117, Wahissa 118, Tslagi 163, Uwharrie 208, Nayawin Rar 296 & Klahican 331.)... David Moody selected as National Conference Vice-Chief of Training. Ed Sheffler elected SE-7 Section Secretary. Phil Briggs Lodge Adviser 1984 – 1987. "Dusty' Sparks, Jr. appointed to the National OA Committee.  Won Quest for the Golden Arrow at Dixie Fellowship.  Lodge retires 4th Golden Arrow Award for winning "Quest Events & Displays" three years in a row.  Catawba is the only lodge to retire 4 Golden Arrow awards in the history of the Dixie Fellowship.

Sent contingency to NOAC

Catawba Lodge's Indian Village at Camp Grimes burned down.

Hosted our 1st Section SE-7 event. Old North State Conclave at Camp Grimes. "Meeting The Challenge". Brian Denton elected Section Secretary.
 35th Anniversary of the Lodge celebrated at Fall Fellowship at Camp Steere.  Dusty Sparks serves as lead adviser on the National level for the OA Philmont Trek.  Catawba sends delegation to the first OA Trail Crew at Philmont Scout Ranch.

David Moody received OA Distinguished Service Award.  Catawba sends delegation to National OA COnference (NOAC).

Last year Fall Fellowship is held at Camp Steere, with the theme "One Last Time". Introduced first Cheerful Service Flap.  Catawba sends delegation the National Pow Wow

Catawba sends delegation to NOAC. "Dusty" Sparks, Jr., NOAC lead adviser, public relations. ’87–88’ NOAC VC – Recognitions.

Introduced Life Memberships.  Catawba Lodge started chapters based upon council districts.  
Had arrowmmen serve on OA Service Corps at National Scout Jamboree.