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Catawba Lodge has many committees that help run the lodge. These committees include Dance Team, Drum Team, Ceremony Support, Flute Team, and more. Some of these teams also will compete at Dixie, a Lodge competition event that is held annually for Southern Region Lodges. Being in a committee is a great way to get involved with the Lodge and have fun while you're here.

Listed below are committees that the Lodge Vice-Chief of Program is responsible for.  If you are interested in being involved, email the Lodge Vice-Chief of Program.

 Activities & Service
This committee is chaired by the Vice Chief of Program and is in charge of all Lodge events. The committee organizes the fellowship and service projects and sees that they are carried out properly.  The committee sets up sub-committees for each event, which takes responsibility for each individual function that the Lodge is running.
OA Troop Representatives
This committee consists of all the OA Troop Reps in the council. They make sure that news about the Lodge makes its way back to all the troops and the troop members have the opportunity to stay informed of Lodge happenings. The committee works on ways to strengthen the relationship between the Lodge and the unit.
Camping Promotions
This committee spearheads camping promotions within the Lodge. Members of this committee help to organize the Lodge's contribution to the Camping Promotions Dinner, plan and staff Cold Weather Training and Camping events, and form teams to make Promotions visits to individual troops as requested. This committee sees to it that troops are thinking "camping" when planning their activities.
The Spirit Committee develops enthusiasm and involvement from all Lodge members at all events. They plan themes for the Lodge to use at events to increase spirit and coordinate efforts to get the Lodge members participating in the group spirit effort.