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Catawba Lodge has many committees that help run the lodge. These committees include Dance Team, Drum Team, Ceremony Support, Flute Team, and more. Some of these teams also will compete at Dixie, a Lodge competition event that is held annually for Southern Region Lodges. Being in a committee is a great way to get involved with the Lodge and have fun while you're here.

Listed below are committees that the Lodge Vice-Chief of Inductions is responsible for.  If you are interested in being involved, email the Lodge Vice-Chief of Inductions.

Unit Elections
Election teams are formed in each Chapter to conduct elections for the council's units. The members of these teams serve on the Unit Election Teams committee. The committee sees to it that each unit that wants one gets an election sponsored by the Lodge, and that the impression left on the unit after the election is a positive one.
Ceremonial Support
The Ceremonial Support team is the backbone of the lodge inductions process. They prepare the ring for each ceremony, making sure the candles and fires are burning cheerfully, that sashes are counted, and that the smudge pots are arranged. 'Fire Rats' as they are known, are very diligent and work with the ceremonialists to set a high standard for induction events.
Ceremonial Team
Catawba Lodge has historically been very strong in its performance of ceremonies. The Ceremonial Team is responsible for every aspect of conducting ceremonies: site preparation, training of characters, and overall proper execution of the ceremonies. This committee is present at all Lodge fellowships and coordinates with other committees to ensure that the induction process is meaningful to the candidate.
"Elangomat" is the Lenni Lenape word for "friend". He serves as a mentor and companion to those going through their Ordeal. This committee consists of Elangomats and Ordeal administration staff, seeking to provide the best experience to each member of the clan during and after the Ordeal. Youth and adults are needed to serve as Elangomats.
Ordeal Master
The Ordeal Master is directly responible for the Ordeal itself and is the VCI's right hand man. He works with the Elangomat Chairman, Ceremonial Support Team, and those who have stepped up to help with the Ordeal program. This position was established in 2007 to allow the VCI to step back and oversee the full inductions process at each event.
The Brotherhood Committee is in charge of helping Arrowmen seal their membership in the Order. It organizes Brotherhood training and runs study periods/questionnaires at each Lodge fellowship as needed. To serve in this committee, it is required that you be a Brotherhood member.