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Lodge Committees

Catawba Lodge has many committees that help run the lodge. These committees include Dance Team, Drum Team, Ceremony Support, Flute Team, and more. Some of these teams also will compete at Dixie, a Lodge competition event that is held annually for Southern Region Lodges. Being in a committee is a great way to get involved with the Lodge and have fun while you're here.

Listed below are committees that the Lodge Vice-Chief of Administration is responsible for.  If you are interested in being involved, email the Lodge Vice-Chief of Administration.

This committee keeps updated records of each member of the Lodge and has it available during registration at all Lodge functions. They assist the Publications committee with distribution of mailings, newsletters, etc. and also collect information on new Lodge member interests which helps other committees to recruit members. The Chairmen also helps with check-in at all lodge functions.

This committee helps to create the Lodge budget for the year and facilitates check-in at all Lodge functions. They handle the financial functions of the Lodge, such as reviewing expenditures before they are voted upon by the LEC and also advising if fundraising efforts for a particular project is needed.



The Legend Chairman/Committee is in charge of organizing and sometimes making the Catawba Lodge Newsletter. This comes out every other month and helps get the news out to our arrowmen.

The Webmaster is in charge of making sure the website is updated. He works closely with other chairmen and the Lodge chief to make sure information is being constantly received by members.

The Planbook comes out annually and this document contains the history of the lodge, its awards, and records. The Planbook also includes many up to date elements that help an arrowman be a functional member of the Lodge, namely contact information of the current lodge officers, the lodge calendar, and a copy of the most recent by-laws upon which the Lodge operates. As chairmen, you would have to make this document and organize it by the beginning of the year.