Lodge Quartermaster
Vice-Chief of Program
Vice-Chief of Inductions
Vice-Chief of Administration

Catawba Lodge has many committees that help run the lodge. These committees include Dance Team, Drum Team, Ceremony Support, Flute Team, and more. Some of these teams also will compete at Dixie, a Lodge competition event that is held annually for Southern Region Lodges. Being in a committee is a great way to get involved with the Lodge and have fun while you're here.

Listed below are committees that the Lodge Quartermaster is responsible for.  If you are interested in being involved, email the Lodge Quartermaster.

This committee maintains the history fo the Lodge, by arranging the display cases at our camps and keeping a record of things produced by the Lodge. They also help to design and produce our Lodge patches and other specialty items which are sold at the Trading Post during Lodge events.
Cook Team
The Cook Team is responsible for preparing all of our meals for the fellowship weekends, or any other time the Lodge provided food or needs food to be cooked. They also help the Lodge serve other groups, such as providing food for the Camping Promotions Dinner and the Cub Scout Family Fun Fest.