Lodge Committees
Catawba Lodge has many committees that help run the lodge. These committees include Dance Team, Drum Team, Ceremony Support, Flute Team, and more. Some of these teams also will compete at Dixie, a Lodge competition event that is held annually for Southern Region Lodges. Being in a committee is a great way to get involved with the Lodge and have fun while you're here.

Listed below are committees and the Lodge Officer that they report to. If you want to get involved with any committee, email the committee chairman or the lodge officer and they will contact you to get you involved. If you would like to see a description of the lodge committees, click on the lodge officer to see a description of each committee.

 Committee Youth Chairman

Lodge Vice Chief of Program  Billy Hawkins
OA Troop Representatives
Camping Promotions
Open Open
Spirit Open Open

Lodge Vice Chief of Inductions Rob Seate
Ceremonial Support
Logan Rees Darren Seigler
Ceremonial Team
Griffin Cook Greg Jewell
Elangomat Jacob Pearson Brian Hooper
Ordeal Master
Tony Roux
Brotherhood Miller KunzJulian Love

Lodge Vice Chief of Indian Affairs Steve Hand
Dance Team Open Ben Yarborough
Drum Team Open Open
Indian Village Open Bill Tyler
Flute Team Open

Lodge Vice Chief of Administration Jenn Bolt
Legend Open Open
Website Open Rick Cardenas
Al Nedrich
Jeff Worboys
Eric Sasser
  Lodge Quartermaster Larry Banks
Memorabilia Tim Hansen
Larry Unferth
Cook Team
Jacob Kirk
Lon Nigro

Ad-Hoc Committees
Dixie Fellowship Chairman OPEN
Eric Sasser
National OA Conference (NOAC)
Vaughn Bolt
Gray Newman / 704.609.3160
Training Open
Scouting For Food
Zachary Jewell
Larry Banks